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Data Entry Jobs

Predictions from 20 years ago said that most offices would work completely paperless by now. What actually happened is that paper usage went up. Yes, sometimes data is put directly into the computer, but there’s still a great need to take physical information and transfer it into digital copies. That’s why data entry jobs are here to stay.

Date Entry Jobs in Lompoc, Santa Maria, & Santa Clara

There seems to be no end to the need for data entry. Medical records, tax records, corporate records, government records…so many of them are still on paper. Considering the growing population of California, this work is growing. But where do you find these jobs?

Start right here. Excel Personnel Services updates this page with the latest data entry jobs. Whether you’re new to this type of work or are highly experienced, we’re sure to have something come along that you’ll be perfect for. First, send us your resume. Having your resume on-hand will let us know the exact type of work you’re looking for so that we can call you when something becomes available. We’ll keep your resume at all three of our temp agency jobs in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, and Lompoc.

Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency

If you’re like many people, you’ve tried the national job search websites, only to discover that there just aren’t the right jobs for you. That’s because the process works backward: Instead of someone looking for a job for you, you’re looking for a job.

When you work with our staffing agency, you have someone actively searching for a job for you. Not only that, but we have access to jobs that the national websites just don’t have. We’ve established strong relationships with companies all along the Central Coast, and they often won’t take the time to write up a new job for a national website when they know that Excel can find someone for them by making a single phone call. We can even offer you healthcare benefits through ESC.

Excel is here to help you find the perfect data entry job for you. Get in touch with us today!


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