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If you enjoy working for Excel Personnel Services, why not help your friend out as well? When you refer a friend to our temp agency, you’ll get a $50 referral bonus after your friend works with us for just 80 hours — that could be in as little as two weeks!

Take a look at the information below and then scroll down to get the process started.

  • Should a candidate be submitted more than once as a referral, Excel Personnel Services will honor the first referring party only.
  • A person will be paid only one referral bonus per candidate referred to Excel Personnel Services. However, there is no limit on the number of candidates a person can refer.
  • After you refer a friend to our temp agency, temporary referrals must work a minimum of 80 hours to qualify for the referral bonus.
  • Individual referrals are unlimited. You may submit as many referrals as you like.
  • Do I have to be on assignment with Excel Personnel Services to submit my referral and be compensated?
    While we greatly appreciate any and all referrals we can get from anyone, in order to qualify for a referral bonus you must be either working on an assignment for Excel, or be a previous associate working at one of our clients at the time your referral meets our program requirements (i.e., referral worked 80 hours).

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We’re always looking for qualified candidates to work with, and that’s why we’re so enthused for you to refer a friend to our temp agency. Sure, we offer the $50 referral fee, but that’s nothing compared to the great feeling you’ll get by helping a friend or family member find work. Who knows, maybe this job you guide them to will be a stepping stone to a career satisfaction they’ve always dreamed of. After you’re filled out the referral above, be sure to send your friend to our job search page!

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