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Shipping Jobs

Shipping jobs will never go away. Something will always be made in one place that people want in another. It might be documents, it might be heavy machinery, it might be finished products…it doesn’t really matter, because it all has to move.

California’s economy is enormous, which leads to a great deal of shipping and receiving jobs. Excel Personnel Services is here to help you find the shipping work you’re looking for.

Shipping Work on the Central Coast

Despite our world becoming more and more digital, shipping of physical items continues to increase. That’s why work in the shipping industry — whether full-time, part-time, or temp-work — is in demand.

Take a look at the shipping jobs above. Apply for the ones that interest you, but don’t stop there. You should also be sure to send us your resume. When you get us this vital information, we’ll be able to look for jobs for you even if the perfect job isn’t there for you right now. We keep your resume on file at all three of our staffing agency locations. No matter where you’re looking for work in the Santa Barbara, Lompoc, or Santa Maria area, Excel will be keeping an eye out for the jobs that best matches your skills and interests.

Why Work With a Staffing Agency Like Excel?

Shipping and Receiving jobs are plentiful, but you won’t see all of them when you do a Google search. In fact, more than half the jobs available aren’t even listed to the public. Many HR departments don’t bother with the websites since they can just pick up the phone and call their favorite staffing firm. For over 25 years Excel has been trusting us to provide them with qualified candidates directly. It’s easy to see why working with Excel has its advantages, especially since we can help with healthcare options.

Whether you’re looking for temp work, full-time, or part-time, Excel Personnel Services can help you find just what you’re looking for when it comes to shipping jobs. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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