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Insurance Jobs

If you’re looking for a great job in an industry that will always be around, you should take a look at the insurance jobs that Excel Personnel Services has to offer. For over 25 years, Excel has been helping people find employment on the Central Coast from our three offices in Lompoc, Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria. You can click on any jobs on this page, or we’d love it if you sent us your resume

Jobs That Never Go Away

Insurance has become an important factor in every person’s life. Even if a person is not thinking about the insurance at any given moment, they are constantly covered by insurance…it’s simply a necessity of everyday life. Insurance isn’t going away, and neither are the insurance jobs that the industry brings to every community.

Work With Excel

Excel Personnel Services is a staffing agency that’s ready to work with you to find the job you’re looking for. When it comes to insurance jobs, you can use our website or contact our offices in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Lompoc. Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time, temp jobs, or freelance work, we’ll talk with you to find out what might work best for your future. In fact, we can help you find employment that isn’t posted on any other website. That’s because we work closely with Central Coast employers, and they might not post anywhere else because they know we can find them the right person in a shorter amount of time.

There are even more advantages of working with us, such as flexible schedules and healthcare benefits through ESC. These benefits may be able to go with you between jobs, without the need for waiting periods or additional paperwork. Contact us today to find out more!

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