Candidate dashboard for tracking your employment agency resume

Keeping Your Resume Close

Welcome to the Candidate Dashboard. This is where you can manage the resumes you keep on file with our employment agency, ensuring you always have a backup when you need it and a place where we can find out the information we need to know about your during your job search.

Isn’t one resume enough? In many cases, no. Each job you’re applying for doesn’t have the exact same job description as the last. Resumes are there to highlight what makes you the perfect candidate for a specific job, so having more than one is essential to address all of the needs a company has. Having a variety here on the candidate dashboard ensures that you’ll have resumes to use as your base while you tailor it to a specific job ad.

The More You Have, The More Ready You Are 

You can always submit a new resume so that you can have one at the ready when just the right job comes along, then organize them here. The better you get at polishing your resume for each job, the more likely you are to get noticed. The more you have, the more ready you’ll be when the perfect job comes along.

Once you have your resumes uploaded, check out the benefits you can get from working with our employment agency. There are perks to using a staffing agency like ours that you might never have considered before.

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