Post a job with a staffing agencyFinding the right people to fill temp jobs is incredibly important for your business. Hiring someone only to find that they’re not qualified (or even worse, inept) is not only bad for business, it’s also a drain on your resources. After all, you spent time writing a job ad, sorting resumes, and interviewing. That’s all wasted effort if it’s the wrong person for the temp job at hand.

If you’ve never worked with a staffing agency before, you might not be aware of the significant advantages of utilizing our services. Let’s take a look at the ways we can save you time and effort filling temporary jobs so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

We screen candidates

Whether you’re a small business looking for your first hire or a seasoned HR specialist who has years of experience, it’s never a bad idea to enlist someone with specialty skills when it comes to looking to fill temp, temp-to-hire, and direct placement jobs. As a staffing agency, vetting potential hires is what we do day-in, day-out. We’ll work with you to ask just the right questions — and ask some of our own -— so that we find you someone to fill an open position.

You only pay for hours worked

Having full-time employees is great, but many businesses find out that they simply can’t afford to have everyone salaried. When someone is an employee, you often have to offer benefits that might put a strain on your business’ finances.

It’s also important to remember what you don’t have to do for a temp employee. You don’t have to pay for vacation, holidays, sick pay, retirement plans, or even health insurance. Technically they are an employee of Excel Personnel Services, so we’ll take care of any benefits.

We handle workers’ compensation

Worried about taking someone into your office or facility because you’re afraid of having to pay for workers’ comp should something go wrong? Because the person you’ll be working with is an employee of our staffing agency, we handle their workers’ compensation. They are on our policy, so your experience modification will not increase. 

We handle unemployment claims

The fact that the temp worker is an employee of our staffing agency means that you also don’t have to worry about dealing with their unemployment claims. When their job is finished, we take care of it. It’s a lot easier than hiring someone short-term, when you have to deal with their employment claims. Even better, your unemployment rate will not be affected.

Save time, hassle, and money

As you can see, working with our staffing agency has advantages. When you’re looking for temporary staffing, we can help. Contact us  in Santa Barbara, Lompoc, or Santa Maria today!




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