Resume for Excel Personnel ServicesWhen you visit the job search page on our website, you’ll notice that there are many parameters you can choose: Do you want a full-time job? A temp job? Part-time? Some people are only looking for full-time and will accept nothing less. They want the traditional 8-5, Monday through Friday experience that’s most closely associated with full-time employment.

Despite full-time being the goal for many on the Central Coast, there are quite a few people who are only interested in temp jobs. They’re perfectly happy with temp work and wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are a few reasons why some Excel employees won’t be going after those full-time jobs.

They want to explore

Sometimes people are testing the waters, finding out what the job market holds for them. Maybe they haven’t worked in an office for years and want to find out if it’s right for them. Others might want to try working as a temp worker in a particular industry to find out if they’d like to work full time (or go back to college for more schooling). Getting a temp job with a staffing agency is an excellent way to explore careers.

They want to gain skills

It’s an old saying, but it can be very true: “How do you get a job without experience, and how do you get experience without a job?” When you work with a temp agency, we can place you in a position that meets your current skills. But while you’re on the job, it’s very likely that you’ll pick up additional skills. Those skills can go on your next resume, moving your career further along.

They need work now

Layoffs and furloughs are a big problem in 2020. People who thought their jobs were perfectly secure have found themselves out of work. Small business owners might find it impossible to keep their doors open. Freelancers who lose a big client might discover their savings drying up quickly.

Working with a staffing agency can be a way to find work now. This work might be long-term, or it could be a temp job. Staffing services play a considerable part in helping people stay afloat in times of crisis.

Ready to work?

If you’re interested in temp jobs in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Lompoc, or the surrounding Central Coast communities, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our staffing agencies today, or upload your resume




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